About Acupuncture

about acupuncture

Ancient Chinese Principles

You want to know more about acupuncture? It is based on skilled observation using the four senses (seeing, hearing, touch and smell). To illustrate, the acupuncturist may feel your pulse and look at your tongue. He may also ask very detailed questions about your menstrual cycle. These clues help give the practitioner a detailed understanding of what is happening inside your body.

From a detailed case history the findings can be compared against known models of wellbeing. A treatment plan will then be discussed with you.

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Monitored Progress

Treatment progress will be constantly monitored by observing key signs until the desired treatment aim has been met.

‘In my experience acupuncture is a calming painless experience. I hardly feel the needle go in, I don’t even know it is there once in. Occasionally I might feel a tingle but even that is rare. Actually an incidental benefit, is that it forces me to relax and totally switch off for half an hour!’
Mr J. Kinoulton

Martin Dean

Founded by Acupuncturist and University Lecturer Martin Dean, you can rest assured that The Acupuncture Fertility Centre is dedicated to the highest possible standards of care.

Martin is also a founder member of Zita West’s Network for Reproductive Health so you not only get the benefit of Martin’s individual expertise but, through the network, the experience of Zita and her colleagues too.

The Zita West Clinic works with thousands of women and men each year, helping them to boost their chances of conceiving successfully.


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