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The Acupuncture Fertility Centre Nottingham

You are trying to become a parent. Our Acupuncture Fertility Nottingham service is tailored just for you. Founded in 1995, we are based in Bramcote near Beeston. We are close to both CARE and NURTURE. Take a look at the options below then give us a call. No obligation – just a friendly chat. The initial consultation is (as appropriate) open to both partners. Watch the video traditional acupuncture and fertility from The British Acupuncture Council.

Keeping You Safe

We are open for careful practice according to Covid – 19 secure guidelines. Cleaning, ventilation, handwashing, social distancing, face masks, fully vaccinated, initial consultation via zoom.

acupuncture fertility Nottingham

Male Fertility

Men, did you know that it takes 100 days for a sperm to mature? This means that you should start preparing for ‘the event’ well in advance. [Read More…]

acupuncture fertility Nottingham

Female Fertility

Getting fertility ready is a little like training for a marathon. [Read More…]

acupuncture fertility nottingham

IVF-ICSI Support

Undergoing IVF or ICSI? Looking for acupuncture to support your treatment and to help you relax?
[Read More…]

acupuncture fertility nottingham

Acupuncture The Emotional Side of IVF

The emotional side of IVF is often understated. To a fertility acupuncturist it is easy to see why the process is often described as an ’emotional rollercoaster ride’. Much of the brunt of this is carried by the woman as the treatment cycle looms. It can however be challenging for both partners.

Whether you are undergoing your very first cycle or your fifth, you will have invested heavily (both financially and emotionally). Your future is linked intrinsically to the result. On top of this, the drugs you have been prescribed seem to be specifically formulated to take you out of your carefully constructed comfort zone. You feel hot at night and just a little nauseous. Good intentions go to the wall.

There’s also the prospect of injecting yourself with a needle, and making sense of the seemingly impenetrable medical jargon and numbers. Ten follicles, grade B, down-regulation, stimulation, OHSS and so on! And if all this isn’t enough, you read that stress can negatively affect the outcome of the treatment! What should you do? What can you do?

This is one area where many people have found acupuncture fertility Nottingham to be a great help. Aside from any direct effects on your fertility many of our patients undergoing IVF report that it helps them with the side effects of the medication. Mentally it puts them in a good space.

We strongly believe that a key part in the work of any fertility acupuncturist is to be a sympathetic ear. Acupuncture treatment points such as gateway to the heart, greater stream, storehouse, inner frontier and palace of weariness can help you to feel in control. It can make your IVF cycle something special. And all this is underpinned by individual treatment tailored to your specific needs.

We take it as a compliment that many couples return when they are trying for a second child.

Acupuncture Fertility Nottingham from Martin Dean

British Acupuncture Council member Martin Dean specialises in fertility issues. He is a founder member of the Zita West Network For Reproductive Health (part of the CARE Fertility group). This emphasises a holistic approach to getting pregnant, taking in not just the medical but the physical, nutritional, emotional and psychological needs of the individual as well. He has over 27 years practice experience and over 10 years as an Acupuncture lecturer at the University of Lincoln. Martin is also on a register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. The government set this up to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public. Acupuncture fertility Nottingham – conceivably the best.

acupuncture fertility nottingham
acupuncture fertility Nottingham

A Co-ordinated Approach

Acupuncture Fertility Nottingham is based on a tried and tested system of traditional medicine. It has been used in China and other eastern cultures for more than two thousand years to restore, promote and maintain good health.
Hard evidence showing the effects of acupuncture is not always available. The results of emerging studies however are very promising. For this reason and through clinical experience we remain strong advocates of its use as part of a co-ordinated approach to supporting the best possible levels of reproductive health.


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Will definitely recommend you to any one!

Acupuncture did work for us and the second morning 3(am) after our session with you , contractions has started! By Saturday we had our little girl!!! Thank you once again ! Will definitely recommend you to any one !!!

October 12, 2015

We recommend you consult a registered medical practitioner before using our Acupuncture Fertility Nottingham service. Please also mention your intention to start acupuncture treatment with us.

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