female fertility

Boost Female Fertility Naturally

boost female fertility naturally

Unexplained Infertility

You are looking to boost female fertility naturally. Your blood tests are all normal. You are taking longer to conceive naturally than you anticipated.  IVF is the recommended next step. You are not yet ready for this. Read on for more about how acupuncture could help to boost female fertility naturally. We also talk about how fertility temperature charting can assist you in your quest.

Consider the following. Your menstrual cycle is twenty-eight days long. You ovulate around day fourteen and do not have any PMS symptoms. You have four full days bleeding, with no spotting, cramping or clotting. Changes to your cervical mucus clearly indicate when you are ovulating. If any of these statements are not true and you would like to explore further areas of treatment, why not give us a call.

We do not talk about treating infertility. Instead we view boosting female fertility as a multi-faceted problem that calls for a range of approaches. This may include acupuncture and lifestyle changes. Many people use acupuncture to improve their general sense of wellbeing, or to help them relax.


boost female fertility naturally

Explained Infertility

You have a medical diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan from your specialist. Acupuncture may be able to support you through your treatment. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

For further information, take a look at our blog.

boost female fertility naturally

Fertility Temperature Charting

The female body is a precision instrument, and this is never more crucial than when you are trying to get pregnant and boost female fertility naturally. Many years of experience as a fertility acupuncturist tell me that small variations in operating temperature can often affect the chance of a successful outcome. For this reason, charting your basal body temperature or BBT (your body temperature at rest), is a critical fertility sign because it is the only one that will tell you definitively that you ovulated. It also is the only sign that will let you pinpoint (to as close a degree as possible) when ovulation occurred. All your other signs tell you only that ovulation is approaching.

After ovulation, the body produces progesterone. This causes an increase in your body temperature that is observable when you measure it with a special BBT thermometer upon waking in the morning

To a skilled eye fertility temperature charting can also reveal surprising details about your body flagging up factors like stress or progesterone insufficiency. It can provide valuable feedback too on how treatment is progressing.

How To Take Your Temperature

  • Take your temperature before rising in the morning as any activity can raise your BBT.
  • Take your temperature at the same time every morning over your whole cycle
  • Take your temperature after at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep
  • Keep your thermometer accessible from your bed so you do not have to get
    up to get it.
  • Use the same thermometer throughout your cycle if possible.
  • Keep a spare thermometer in case one breaks (especially if you are using a glass thermometer).
  • Temperatures can be taken orally or vaginally but must be taken in the same place throughout the cycle since the temperatures of the different parts may vary. Most women prefer to take their temperatures orally and this is usually fine, though some women find that they get a clearer reading by temping vaginally.
  • Record your temperature soon after you take it (or ask your partner to) since most thermometers only store a reading until the next use. If you have to do something else or want to stay in bed, you can record it later.
  • If you must use a heating pad or electric blanket, keep it at the same setting throughout your cycle. Make a note of its use.
  • Take your temperature before doing anything else including eating, drinking or going to the bathroom. If circumstances arise that prevent you from taking your temperature right away, take it as soon as you are able and make a note of the circumstances.
  • Do not wait until your next cycle to commence fertility temperature charting.
  • You may like to create your chart online, using websites/apps such as www.fertilityfriend.com

Download your FREE body basal temperature (BBT) chart (Pdf 1.1mb)


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